Tuesday, July 14, 2020
EST 2019

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Consultation launched on the England Tree Strategy

Plans to accelerate tree planting and improve the management of our existing trees and woodlands are underway as the government recently (19 June) launched a consultation to inform a new England Tree Strategy.

Everyone – from farmers, foresters and land managers, experts and environmental organisations, to members of the public – is being invited to give their views on the future creation and management of our trees, woodlands and forests.

By Forestry Times , in UK , at June 22, 2020

Climate change: Wales lags behind on planting new trees

Wales is falling behind the rest of the UK in planting trees to tackle climate change, official statistics show. About 80 hectares of new woodland were planted in 2019-20, the lowest number for a decade. Forestry experts said the figure – which amounts to just 4% of the Welsh Government’s target of 2,000 hectares a year – was “clearly disappointing”. The government said it was taking “significant steps” to increase tree cover.

By Forestry Times , in UK , at June 16, 2020

Tree planting crew digs into first season

Jael was raised in a family where tree planting was the summer normal, although she never participated. “I haven’t tree planted in the past,” she said. “And I never really thought I could do it. But the question of what if always sat in the back of my head.” Her parents, Rod and Deb Reimer of Rock Reforestation have been active in the tree planting community together since 1986. Rod had 11 years experience before their marriage. So for Jael, the answer for a summer job was under her nose.

By Forestry Times , in OPINION , at June 11, 2020